Home Security Tips For Rental Landlords

Since the strict lockdown in the UK ended, the number of burglaries has been on the rise, which means it’s important to think about your home security and how to keep your tenants and your property safe.

But, as Ideal Home pointed out, many renters are unsure of what they’re allowed to do to improve the security of the property they’re renting. As the landlord, you can help them by taking appropriate steps, but also explaining what else might be permitted.

Izzy Schulman, director at Keys 4 U, spoke to the publication to offer some advice. Her first tip is to check that all the windows and doors in a house or flat close properly and lock before you lease it.

Renters are within their rights to ask you to replace and/or repair any insecure windows or doors, so it’s best to check these before you get tenants in.

It’s also important to change the locks on the doors when new tenants move in, as you have no way of knowing whether your previous tenants have cut additional keys for themselves. You may also want to consider investing in a security system to make your tenants feel safer.

Ms Schulman commented: “According to ex-convicts, cameras are the biggest deterrent to burglars and these can be installed without making any major changes to the home.”

If you don’t want to fit this kind of feature, you could tell your tenants that they’re welcome to, knowing that it won’t cause any damage to your property.

In June, we noted that there had been an increase in squatting activity in the UK, so if you have a property that might be vacant for some time, consider installing home security in Bristol to help protect it.

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