Fire Alarm Systems

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Fire Alarm Systems

We have been providing fire and security systems for commercial, industrial and domestic sites for years, operating in Bristol, the south-west and South Wales.

The required system will be dependent on the building structure, its purpose and use, and current legislation. There is guidance available via the Department of Communities and Local Government that you can use to make sure that you’re selecting the right British standard to ensure that your premises is properly protected.

All systems essentially work on the same principle – if smoke or heat is detected or if someone operates a manual break point, then an alarm will sound to warn that there may be a fire and now’s the time to evacuate the building. Our solutions will ensure that fires are detected early to minimise damages.

Your equipment will typically be sited somewhere with a low risk of fire, usually on the ground and near the entrance that firefighters will use. You should consider whether you want an automatic or a manual system, single or two stage alarms, the number of detectors required for each zone, the maximum alarm load per alarm zone and so on… but, again, we’ll be able to advise you properly to ensure that you’re getting the right system to suit your individual needs.

We provide a full range of services from an initial assessment right through to installation, and the commissioning and maintenance of fire, intruder, access control and CCTV systems. No matter the size of your property or now big the job, get in touch with us today to see how we can help make your premises more secure.

Following the publication of the revised code of practice for fire detection and alarm systems, BS5839-1:2002, more stringent guidelines are in place with regard to the responsibility of a building “user” to provide routine maintenance of the installed system. This ties in with the responsibilities inherent in the Health and Safety at Work Act and the ongoing review of the Fire Precautions Act, both of which put the onus of responsibility onto the User through Risk Assessment.

Failure to include routine, planned maintenance of the fire alarm system by competent persons may lead to liability arising under workplace regulations in the event of injury to employees, if such injury could have been prevented had the fire alarm system been in full working order.

In addition to this Maintenance provides a number of benefits to the end-user:

  • It enables the system to be interrogated by skilled personnel, and adjustments / maintenance tasks carried out to minimise the potential for false alarms.

  • It ensures that the system is “used” on a regular basis, hence increasing site staff awareness of the system and its operation.

  • It provides access to our emergency call-out service, which out-of-hours is only available to customers holding a maintenance contract.

  • It ensures preferential rates are provided for any additional works.

  • It provides a guaranteed response to faults.

Talk to us here at Imperial Fire & Security to discuss the finer points of the four different categories of systems – conventional, analogue addressable, addressable and wireless.

We will be able to advise you on all issues relating to system installation and provide you with guidance as and when you need it moving forward.