Intruder Detection

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Intruder Alarm Systems

Once installed, these systems will alert you to the presence of someone who shouldn’t be there and with integration with systems such as CCTV you can take full advantage of tracking technology to monitor intruders across your premises after a perimeter breach.

Intruder alarms help to protect a property against intruders, keeping possessions and loved ones safe and secure. Also referred to as Burglar alarms, they emit a loud audible alert when an unauthorised attempt is made to access or enter the building or area protected.                                                    Suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial buildings of any size, Intruder alarm systems are highly flexible and  scalable with the introduction of wireless devices technology.

Wireless Intruder Alarm Systems in recent years have seen more wide range adoption in the domestic market due them being considerably easier to install to an existing building as there is less disruption to the décor in your home and also saves on installation times.

If you feel that wireless technology is not the answer then we can offer you a whole host of systems to suit your needs.                                                              Our systems are provided as per recommendations of  BS EN 50131, PD 6662 & NCP120:1  

Remote alarm signal monitoring has become an industry standard for commercial systems and more common with domestic intruder alarm systems, with advances in technology even smart phone app integration is becoming more common allowing for users to monitor and even set/unset systems remotely from a mobile device.

Various grades of intruder alarm systems are available with and without remote signal monitoring we have years of experience providing and maintaining thousands of systems, we can advice and recommend products to meet your needs and meet the requirement your insurance provider.

Commercial intruder alarm systems are unique because of the many security challenges posed by the use of the building from manufacturing, warehouse, student accommodation to multiple occupancy office buildings even buildings that are operational 24/7.

From the design and installation of intruder alarm systems, through to the ongoing maintenance, we strive to supply a versatile system that is fully adaptable and expandable so that it is capable of growing with you and your company.

We’re able to provide you with all the help, support and maintenance you need to ensure that your premises is well looked after, so get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help improve site security today.