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CCTV (VSS) Systems

Here at Imperial Fire & Security, we know how important it is to ensure the security of your commercial, domestic and industrial premises - and CCTV systems are an absolutely essential part of any security package.

CCTV or (VSS) Video Surveillance Systems as they are also known take many forms, from small systems with a hand full of static dome cameras and an small form factor NVR (network video recorder) on a domestic system to a site wide multi camera system with multiple NVR’s with UPS backup supply, Cat5e structured networks to cat6, PoE and fibre networks., 

CCTV is not only designed to deter and prevent crime, you may want to consider it for health and safety, or general security surveillance of your building to ensure the highest standard of protection.                                                                                                                                                                                               

Over recent years technology has evolved massively meaning more advanced solutions such as thermal imaging, analytics, 1080p/4K and 8K, video smoke detection, Image quality and management, number plate recognition as well as third party software integration has become more affordable as these technologies become more widely available.

CCTV remote monitoring has improved significantly in recent years with the introduction of  faster broadband speeds, faster hardware and 4 and 5G infrastructure allowing for more reliable and accurate live monitoring of CCTV systems and alarms for remote sites or areas and sites which operate lone workers. 

Our professional and experienced team of engineers look after the security of more than 3,000 systems over 600 sites, working around the clock to keep you all safe and secure.

All of our CCTV systems are provided as per recommendations of BS EN 50132-7  and NCP 104 Issue 3.

If the requirements for your monitoring equipment changes, existing CCTV systems can be assessed, serviced and upgraded to suit changes quickly and easily. New and serviced CCTV systems can benefit from training for operators, as changes and updates to new technology are introduced.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help make your home or business safer and more secure in the future, get in touch with us today.

It’s likely that you’ll be affected by crime at some point and it can be incredibly distressing, especially if lots of damage is done to your property or stock, or if sentimental personal belongings are stolen. CCTV cameras can prove particularly useful for the police, helping them with their inquiries if the perpetrators are caught on film in the act.

The visible presence of the cameras and signs saying CCTV is in operation in this area can also act as a deterrent to crime in the first place, as prospective burglars are less likely to target sites if they think they’re being filmed as they operate.

CCTV can prove useful for more remote properties where it may not be feasible to have people on site at all times and you’re also able to view multiple locations at once, so you can keep an eye on all your properties without any hassle.

Components of the Imperial Fire & Security CCTV systems include:

  • Digital video recording and storage
  • Security video CCTV cameras
  • Remote video CCTV monitoring
  • CCTV camera controls
  • CCTV display monitors

Features of the Imperial Fire & Security CCTV systems include:

  • Up to 31 days’ recording
    Recording 24/7
  • Incidents can be copied to disc / USB storage
  • Remote viewing software
  • Optional UPS battery backup supply
  • Optional recording storage redundancies 

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