Number Of Cases Of Squatting And Illegal Raves On The Rise

There has been an increase in the number of illegal raves being hosted in the UK, as well as a rise in the level of squatting activity around the country in recent weeks. reported on data from VPS Group, which operates across the UK and Europe. The organisation revealed that it has seen a sharp increase in the number of illegal raves being reported at vacant properties.

In addition, it revealed that it has had to deal with cases of squatting in premises including a closed day centre in Twickenham and a former Indian restaurant in Lincolnshire, among other currently vacant commercial premises.

Speaking to the news provider, business development director at the firm Nicholas Bye said that as we move into summer it’s normal to see a rise in the number of illegal raves taking place, however, this has been exacerbated this year by the lifting of lockdown restrictions and incredibly warm weather.

“Add to that the financial pressure many tenants have experienced, and with lots of buildings temporarily vacant, we are seeing what could be the start of a steep rise in both squatting and illegal raves,” he asserted.

Mr Bye also warned that businesses need to be prepared for rising levels of crime at vacant properties, including metal thefts, cable thefts and heritage crimes.

As Insurance Business Mag revealed in April, listed buildings in particular have become targets for criminals who are doing everything from vandalising them to breaking in and stealing items kept inside.

Make sure your business premises is properly protected during this time by installing intruder alarms in Bristol and taking other measures to improve your property’s security while it’s vacant.

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