How To Protect Yourself Against Distraction Burglaries

When you go out, there are all sorts of precautions you can take upon leaving the house in order to make sure that it’s as safe as it can be against intruders and break-ins, but you should also be wary of a similar type of crime that can take place when you’re at home.

Distraction burglary is when prospective thieves use tricks, falsehoods and distractions in order to gain entry to a premises and make off with items – and victims don’t always realise a crime has been committed until some time after the incident.

Being aware that the person knocking on your door may not be a legitimate tradesmen or official is half the battle won and it always pays to be suspicious when someone you’re not expecting rings your doorbell.

If you’re unsure, always ask to see identification and ask them as many questions as you like about the purpose of their visit and the company they say they work for.

In terms of security at home, always make sure that windows are closed if you’re not in the room. That way, if there is a surprise knock on the door and you go to answer it, a burglar can’t take advantage of your absence and climb in through a window without you knowing.

Make sure the back door is always closed when you go to answer the front door, as these criminals could well be working in pairs. Also be mindful about where you keep important documents and don’t leave these on display. Keys should also be kept in a safe place and not be immediately obvious to prying eyes.

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