Top Tips For Improving Retail Fire Safety

After several months of uncertainty, many retail stores are preparing to open their doors for the first time.

However, before they do, the owners will have a checklist of tasks they will need to get done and ensure a risk assessment is undertaken before it is safe to let customers in.

In particular, it is vital to ensure that the store’s fire and security services are up to date, fully operational and fit for purpose.

Here are some top tips for improving the fire safety of shops, markets and other retail establishments.

Check Your Wiring

For a fire to start, there needs to be a heat source, a fuel source and oxygen. A heat source many people do not consider is loose, frayed or old wiring, which can overheat, spark and start a fire, as well as pose a risk of electrocution.

Make sure your wiring is regularly inspected, and check it again before you reopen.

Test Fire Alarm

Fire alarms and smoke detectors save lives when there is a fire. They enable a rapid evacuation, can alert firefighters and also allow for a fire to be discovered and stopped before it can spread.

Make sure to test your fire alarm regularly, ensure it is inspected every six months and replace it every ten years, or sooner in the case of a problem.

Test Your Fire Fighting Equipment

Make sure that your fire extinguishers are working, easily accessible and have clear, understandable instructions next to them.

As well as this, ensure your staff undertake regular training programmes so they know exactly what to do in the event of a fire.

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