Building Owners Face Unlimited Fines For Fire Safety Breaches

Responsible persons who breach fire safety regulations could face fines with no limit under new measures implemented to strengthen fire safety.

These measures, coming as part of the Building Safety Bill, also include a £10m boost to the £6m Fire Covid-19 Contingency Fund, as well as changes to how and when fire safety risk assessments need to be recorded, according to a government press release.

The unlimited fines apply to the responsible person who breaches fire safety regulations under the Fire Safety Order, as well as anyone who is caught obstructing or impersonating a fire inspector.

As well as these, legal guidance is being adjusted to allow a failure to follow the Fire Safety Order to be used as evidence of a breach of compliance, making fire and security services more important than ever to stay legally compliant.

Information access is also emphasised under the new regulations, as vital fire safety information must be easily accessible throughout the lifespan of a regulated building, as well as having premises information boxes installed in all new flats above 11 metres tall.

These measures were announced in response to last year’s Fire Safety Consultation, which looked into measured which could ensure people are safe in their homes and places of work.

As well as legal measures and extra funding, the government has also pledged to help improve coordination and cooperation between the different departments and individuals responsible for fire safety.

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