Three Tips For Avoiding Common Office Fires

Whether working in your home office, or getting your office ready to reopen, there are a number of common fire hazards which can cause major damage to your business, and potentially risk lives.

Employers have a legal obligation to carry out fire safety risk assessments in their own offices, but it is important to encourage a culture of awareness when it comes to fire and security services to avoid potential data losses and negative effects on the business.

Here are three tips to avoiding common fires in the office.

Don’t Overload The Plugs

We use a lot of electronic devices, from laptops to work mobile phones. Each of these needs to be plugged in to charge and so it can be easy to overload a plug socket, which can lead to potential electrical fires.

Make sure you do not overload plugs, check your wires are in good condition, and even with people working remotely, set up some form of regular PAT testing routine to ensure office devices are still safe to use.

Be Careful With Heaters

Many offices and home offices use some form of small heater in winter weather, either in addition to a central heating system or as a replacement so they only warm up one part of the office.

These heaters are often quite lightweight and can be dangerous if left near flammable objects. Make sure they are turned off and unplugged correctly before leaving the office, and ensure they are perfectly level when in use, with the wire not a trip hazard.

Make Sure Your Kitchen Is Safe

Kitchen appliances are hot, and are a common cause of both home and office fires. Make sure that your staff are aware of the dangers of the appliances you have, do not leave heating food unattended, unplug appliances which are not being used, and have fire blankets and suitable extinguishers wherever possible.

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