Tenth Of Fire Safety Representatives Cannot Do Risk Assessments

Ten per cent of fire safety representative surveyed in a recent fire safety report admitted they did not know how to perform a fire risk assessment.

The alarming figure, reported in the JLA Fire Safety Accountability Report, is also matched by the number of people who do not know about the latest fire-safety regulations proposed by the government, despite being responsible for the safety of a building.

This highlights the importance of not only fire and security services but also ensuring that responsible persons are given and can act upon information that they are legally required to know.

Over a quarter (26.8 per cent) of people who responded to the survey felt they did not know enough about the upcoming Fire Safety Bill, which is set to make a significant change to building safety and the risks that building owners, managers and landlords are responsible for.

Many people who responded to the survey admitted that they do need to do more to ensure a property is fire-safe, with 18 per cent citing a lack of budget, 15 per cent a lack of time and a further 18 per cent the extra stress involved as reasons why they haven’t done more.

When it comes to members of staff working at a site, almost half of all those surveyed (49 per cent), stated that they did not train all members of staff on fire safety, with 12 per cent not offering any fire safety training whatsoever.

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