Fires Damage 40 Schools A Month In The UK

Fire safety at schools is a topic that we should all take very seriously, but research published by insurer Zurich Municipal at the end of 2020 showed that there were 40 fire incidents at schools in the UK every month in 2019.

The insurer revealed that a total of 480 primary and secondary schools in the country were damaged by fire in 2019, which had an impact on the education of nearly 20,000 children. 

Of those, primary schools were more likely to suffer fire damage, with 271 primary schools affected compared to 209 secondary schools. What’s more, the research found that 66 per cent of the 1,000 schools inspected by Zurich Municipal were deemed to have “poor” fixed fire protection systems.

In particular, the insurer noted that very few schools in the UK have sprinklers fitted. In fact, as few as 15 per cent of all new schools constructed in the country and opened since 2011 have this fire safety feature installed.

Fire Brigades Union assistant general secretary Andy Dark commented: “The poor standard of fire safety provision in our schools is nothing short of a scandal. A major feature of this failure to invest is the lack of sprinklers.”

He added that it makes sense from every perspective to increase the level of fire protection and security in the country’s schools, because not only does it minimise the disruption caused to pupils and teachers in the event of a blaze, but it helps firefighters bring fires under control more quickly and saves public money being spent on repairing schools following a blaze.

With pupils’ education being disrupted by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, it’s important that, when schools are fully open, there isn’t additional and avoidable disruption caused by the likes of fires.

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