Licensed Firearms Holders Urged To Increase Security

Following a spate of burglaries across the4 region, South Yorkshire Police have urged licensed shotgun and firearms holders to increase and improve their home security to ensure guns and firearms do not end up in the hands of criminals.

According to the Rotherham Advertiser, the police are enforcing new regulations following burglaries where firearms have been stolen from licensed holders due to lax security measures.

While the UK does not have same gun culture as in the US, there is a burgeoning gun sports scene in the UK, such as clay pigeon shooting, and many farmers own shotguns for pest control and wildlife preservation.

Before anyone is granted a shotgun or firearms certificate, they must undergo a thorough inspection by a firearms enquiry officer to make sure they have correct and adequate security.

The applicant would also be interviewed to clarify any previous contact with the police, family relationships, medical conditions, and lifestyle factors to meet Home Office suitability criteria.

Certified gun owners on South Yorkshire must now ensure they meet the required levels of security depending on how many firearms they own.

  • Level 1 – One to five guns should be stored in a good quality approved cabinet.
  • Level 2 – Six to ten guns should be stored in a good quality approved cabinet with quality locks on doors and windows and an alarm system or CCTV system that alerts the owner to a possible breach.
  • Level 3 – 12 or more guns should be stored in multiple cabinets or a gun room, plus good quality doors and windows, monitored by an alarm and CCTV system.

David Macleod, warrants and firearms manager for South Yorkshire Police, said: “As well as additional levels of security, we are asking holders to make sure keys to their cabinets are in a secure place and that you don’t advertise that you participate in the hobby of shooting.”

There are more tips about firearms security on the South Yorkshire Police website.

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