Businesses Must Remain Vigilant, Warn Police

With the closure of many business premises during the coronavirus pandemic, police forces have reported an increase in opportunist thieves taking advantage of the lockdown to target local premises, especially those left unstaffed and closed following the government’s shut down of all non-essential businesses.

Hertfordshire Constabulary have reported an increase in the number of reports of break-ins to businesses, according to Hemel Today.

They have highlighted the factors that can increase the risk of break-in and theft, including the area in which the premises are sited, the stock that may be on-site, the security systems in place, and the local criminal activity.

Inspector Nicola Dean from Hertfordshire constabulary’s Crime Reduction Unit said: “During this uncertain time, when lots of shops, warehouses and other business premises are unoccupied, it can leave them vulnerable to criminal activity.

“Small businesses that have less security are particularly at risk as losing valuable stock or equipment or damage to premises could seriously impact on their business.”

The following guidelines are to help you protect your property and business:

  • Perform a detailed audit of all the security systems in place in all properties and land you for which you are responsible, whether they’re occupied or not.
  • Invest in a recognised security gate and locking mechanism, which is securely fixed to the ground and in alignment with the boundary fence.
  • A vehicle height restrictor can prevent larger vehicles from entering your site, which can also be secured with heavy-duty concrete blocks, or security rated bollards.
  • Make sure your CCTV is an accredited system and correctly installed and positioned so that it covers your premises and any vulnerable areas.
  • Ensure your property has good lighting levels, and install constant low-level dusk-till-dawn lighting with motion-activated sensors.
  • Turn off the utility supply to the premises. If they’re not needed then cut the electricity and water supply to the site.

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